Cells type    32800~322500
Anode material type    LFP、NCM、LMO、LTO

The positive and negative poles of the Ankao 32 Series Cylindrical Battery are all designed with full tab. It has excellent charging and discharging capacity of high rate, high capacity. The cycle life is improved by 20%-50%, which level up to Prismatic and Pouch.

  • LFP
  • NCM
Model IFR32800-7Ah IFR32/140-10Ah IFR32/140-14Ah IFR32/200-20Ah
Cathode Material LFP/C LFP/C LFP/C LFP/C
Type Energy Power Energy Energy
Voltage(V) 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2
Capacity(Ah) 7 10 14 20
Max. Charge Current 1.5C 5C 2C 2C
Max. Discharge Current 3C 10C 5C 5C
Model TMR32/140-6Ah TNR32/140-9Ah
Material System LMO/LTO NCM/LTO
Type Super Power High Power
Voltage(V) 2.4 2.3
Capacity(Ah) 6 9
Max. Charge Current 20C 10C
Max. Discharge Current 50C 10C

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